Flower auction Aalsmeer

As you probably may know, The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of flowers in the world.  A lot of people come to the Netherlands during the spring to admire the flower fields and the famous tulip parc Keukenhof.

But what a lot of people do not know: it is possible to see flowers the whole year though:  just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam you find the flower auction in Aalsmeer: the biggest flower auction in the world! 

A visit to the flower auction means getting up early, but guarantees a unique experience. Open from Monday to Friday. 43 million flowers and 5 million plants are sold every day.  We are happy to organize a visit with a local guide who will tell you everything about the flower industry, the roses, the tulips and much more!

This visit starts early so after this visit it is always possible to visit more places in the Netherlands, like Delft/The Hague/Rotterdam or the windmills/fishing villages.  All our tours are tailor-made, we listen carefully to your wishes.

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