Groups of all ages, associations, companies (incentives/businesstrips), schools or others can experience the Dutch culture and discover the Amsterdam/The Netherlands.  

Make the most of your stay in Holland with a professional English/Dutch or French speaking guide: go on tour by bike, car, boat or on foot and explore the country at its best. We are happy to organize the perfect trip for you.

If you wish we can organize for you (and your group) an all inclusive stay.


Visit the Netherlands and Amsterdam at your own pace and taste the charms and pleasures of this fabulous country like a VIP.  This country contains is full of hidden treasures.

Make the most of your stay in Amsterdam/The Netherlands with a professional English or French speaking private guide and go on tour by bike, boat or on foot.

If you wish we can organize for you an all inclusive stay.

Discover the Netherlands

Amsterdam à la Carte offers different tours in the Netherlands for couples, families, companies or other groups.  Our goal is to show you our beautiful country, the traditions, the people and the hidden spots. We listen very carefully and we will make an offer according your wishes.

Discover Amsterdam

Amsterdam à la Carte can organize all inclusive week-ends or stays  but individual guides tours are also available in English, Dutch or French. You will discover the history, the stories and get a taste of daily life of the people of Amsterdam.   



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